My career started out in the Health & Fitness industry – it was a whirlwind of shell suits & footballers. Although fantastic fun at the time, I had itchy feet to travel the world!

A year of back packing opened my eyes to some crazy cultures, delicious foods, colourful nightlife and wonderful friendships. It had some significant changes in my life and being the ever creative soul. I was to return and re-train as a graphic designer.

I’ve done a ton of ‘it’ll do for now’ jobs, and stacked up a heap of ‘hair-brained’ business ideas & schemes (plus lots of different hair do’s) but I was always dipping in & out of hospitality. This is where I have been my most happiest, probably because I love it so much and the people i meet!

For a few years, I had been building on a seafood dream and bringing up two ace kids with my husband. The dream then finally started coming to life when we moved to Abbotsbury, Dorset.  Embracing the lifestyle of living by the sea, it wasn’t long before I was, unknowingly, laying the foundations for Sally’s Fish Camp.