About Sally

I’m a born and bred West Country girl, loving life working in the hospitality & leisure industry for nearly 20yrs…until one day it became very clear that my heart wanted to be beside the sea and to enjoy the simple pleasures in life & all things fishy! It was only natural that a move to Dorset was on the cards and it is here in the beautiful, picturesque fishing village of Abbotsbury where me, my husband and our two gorgeous children ended up & we love it!

Along the way I have met some wonderful, colourful characters, which little do they know, have helped mould me the way I am today and develop my passion for seafood & drinking wine!

There is always a story to tell and memories to be made; perhaps where you caught your first mackerel, watched a sunset, surfed the highest wave or even popped the question…wherever it is you set up your camp and make your memories, it would be wonderful to think that Sally’s Fish Camp had a part in sharing the good times!

Sally's Fish Camp Dorset - Fish Delivery
Sally's Fish Camp Dorset - Fish Delivery

A bit of history…

It would appear that my mum’s family have always been involved with catching and selling fish.

After the first world war my grandmother ‘Molly’ returned home from Canada at the age of nine. She wasn’t allowed out to play until the local fisherman had delivered huge tin baths, full of shrimps and emptied them out onto the dining room table ready for ‘shulling’ (the local term for peeling the cooked shrimps).

My grandmother very quickly found a technique for this fiddly and time consuming task and in no time at all, she soon had their “hats and coats off!”
My great grandmother would then carry the huge basket of peeled shrimps out onto the streets and sell to the people of Neston & Parkgate on the Wirral, Cheshire.

As the years went by, my grandmother became an expert ‘shuller’ – and I’m told,  one of the fastest peelers on the Wirral! Although this missed a generation – my Mum just loves eating them – it would seem that this fishing tale is where I pick up and begin my own ‘hawker’ story.


Sally's Fish Camp Dorset - Fish Delivery
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Sally's Fish Camp Dorset - Fish Delivery
Sally's Fish Camp Dorset - Fish Delivery
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